How To Make A Wooden Cross Necklace

How to Make a Wooden Cross Necklace With Bead Rope?

Step 1: Draw a cross on a piece of wood

Sample dimensions are shown. You don’t have to fold the corners-just straighten each cut from the edge. Be careful when connecting corner cuts. The notch created here takes a long time to polish.
If you don’t have a band saw, don’t worry. The cut is straight so you can use a hand saw, jigsaw, hacksaw, all saw, or almost any saw (although rotary saws can be difficult).

Step 2: Cut Out the Cross

No need to turn corners: just make each cut straight from the edge. Be careful when you join the cuts at the corners: any gouges you make here will take a long time to sand out later.

If you don’t have a band saw, no worries: the cuts are straight, so you can use a hand saw, a coping saw, a hack saw, a sawz-all, or just about any saw (though a rotary saw will be difficult).

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Step 3: Rub the cross

Removes rough edges and pencil marks. Square your cut. Remove all notches. Belt sanders make this much easier, but you probably need to finish it with a little sandpaper at hand.
If you want a very good finish on the cloth, start with coarse sandpaper (such as 60 or 100). When you can’t do anything else with that grain, move to a finer grain (150 or 200) and make it finer until you’re happy with the smoothness. I just went up to 150 grit.

Step 4: Make a hole at the top

Use a piece of wood to hold the cross. This facilitates drilling and prevents the wood from crushing where the drill bit is away from the cross. Make a hole large enough for the rope to pass through.

Step 5: Apply the finish

To make the cross look a little better, you can add a little oil to accentuate the grain. Flaxseed oil is good. So are teak oil and about a trillion other oils. Since the teak oil was dry, I used neatsfoot oil (actually made for leather). In a pinch, you could also use vegetable oil or butter, but there was a problem with the ants when using it.

Rub and wipe off excess with a cloth before it dries and becomes sticky. If you want to change the color, you can buy wood stain (or use shoe shine).

If you want a better finish / protection for your wood, you can get urethane covers, spray shellac or other types of clear layers.

Step 6: Thread the rope

Pass the rope through the hole in the cross.
Measure the size of the necklace. Then cut the rope another 6 inches. If you use leather laces, you can cut off the tip of the laces to make it easier to puncture.

Step 7: Tie an adjustable slipknot

The principle of this knot is simple if you have ever tied a fishing line to a hook. Create a loop, twist the rope a few times, and then return to the loop.
Do this on one side of the rope (green) and wrap the loop around the other side of the rope (red). It’s too tight. (Step 1-3)

Then repeat on the other end of the rope (red) and walk around the first end of the rope (green). It’s too tight. (Steps 4-6)

You can now adjust the length of the necklace by sliding the button.

Step 8: Adjust the length and wrap it around your neck

Slide the button to adjust the length and then sew the bad boy around your neck. Grab the loop with both hands. The cross should hang at the bottom, the loop should be wide open, with the left hand on one side of the loop and the right hand on the other. Lift the loop until your hips are at eye level. Tilt your head forward so that your forehead touches the bottom of the loop. Slide your hand back to the top of your head (while holding the loop). The right hand slides over his right ear and the left hand slides over his left ear. Continue sliding your hands behind your neck until you feel the rope touch the back of your neck. At this point, the cross should be hanging just below the chin. Gently release the loop with both hands. If done correctly, the cross will not fall to the ground, but will be hung on a rope that is supported by the neck.

How to Make a Wooden Cross Necklace With Bead?

This tutorial is to teach you how to make a wooden cross necklace in 3 easy steps. In addition, it provides practical information that will be of great help in this and other projects, such as how to buy beads wholesale.

Today, the tutorial on how to make a wooden cross necklace focuses on how to make a necklace rather than a woodworking craft, so the cross pendant you use is ready to wear and available to everyone. Regarding the account, we will propose how to purchase a wholesale account.

Step 1

  1. Wooden cross pendant
  2. Pinch bail
  3. Black beads
  4. Pliers

Step 2

Please prepare a wooden cross pendant

If you don’t buy a pendant at a craft store, you can make your own. However, this project will require equipment such as hand saws, drills and wood glue. Be aware of any potential hazards when using these tools.

Make string beads

First, you know how to buy a wholesale account. My suggestion is to look at some great jewelry online stores.

Then get feedback about your selected web shop from your friends in the account forums via survey posts or personalized messages.

Third, contact the CSR by email to get the information you need. And even the price you can talk to them. Ultimately, you will gain experience in how to purchase a wholesale account.

Fourth, thread the beads through the wire to make string beads.

Step 3

finish the cross pendant necklace

Attach pendant to bead chain with a pinch bail.

How to Make a Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

Summary: It is an easy-to-learn tutorial about how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace; it is said that horseshoe nail cross is just the perfect choice for necklace pendant, so don’t you want to make one?

No matter in school craft class or for festival celebration decorating, horseshoe nail cross is always chosen by most craft fans; it is simple to create and always outstanding among other pendant jewelry, and full of distinctive temperament; therefore I am self-assured about my tutorial of how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace, just take out hands to make the rustic style decorating.

The materials and tools for this rustic style decorating

  1. Horseshoe nails
  2. Leather cords
  3. Super glues
  4. Scissors
  5. Pliers

The instructions about how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace

Step 1 prepare horseshoe nails

First, Pick up 3 nails in fine quality; you need to examine whether there is any rusty flaw on nail surfaces; if it is, you’d better replace them;
Second, use pliers to bend the tip ends of 2 nails to the same degree; and loop the top end of the 3rd nail; align them on table;

Step 2 wrap the nails and make cross

Snip a proper length of leather cord and wrap it around the part where your nails meet together; at last wrap, pull the cord tight and make a firm knot there. If necessary, you can use some glue to secure the conjunction part.

Step 3 finish the horseshoe nail cross necklace

Snip another piece of leather cord, and thread it through your cross pendant, so the necklace is done.

The only problem related to this how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace is where to buy the horseshoe nails; I suggest you to go to hardware and craft stores, there must be enough horseshoe nails and you have the opportunities to pick up the favorite ones. The rustic style decorating may be simulated at appearance by other metal cross necklace, but will not be emulated at intrinsic quality.

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