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The History of the Cross Necklace

The origin of the cross necklace can be tracked back to the 2nd century when people or Christians worn cross necklaces to express their faith and devotion to Christian. Cross necklace was not regarded as a symbol of Christian as well as a symbol of protection to prevent evils until the end of the 4th century. In modern times, cross necklaces is worn by Christians to declare their religion. Chain necklaces with a cross comes in variety of design, they are a perfect gift for family, friend or someone has belief and trust in God. Some vendors even offer engraving on the cross pendant, making the cross necklaces more personal and unique pieces.

Different Types of Crosses

We all know that a cross comes in a rather simple shape. 2 bars cross themselves in half. But actually there are many other kinds of crosses, let’s read on to find out some popular types of crosses.

Latin Cross

The Latin cross comes in a very simple shape of “T”, it has 2 beams cross the horizontal beam is shorter than the vertical beam. It is believed that the upper three bars have the same lengths.

Greek Cross

Greek Cross

The Greek cross is a symbol of God himself. The four arms of the cross are with the equal length and size.

Ankh Cross

Ankh Cross

Ankh cross, a symbol of life and wisdom is associated with Ancient Egygt but not Christianity. The horizontal cross beam of the Ankh symbol is thicker than other crosses while the top vertical beam is not a straight bar but a little loop.

Crucifix Cross

Crucifix Cross

A crucifix cross is a form of cross with Jesus Christ on it. The cross with a figure of Jesus is a reminder of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus

St. Peter’s Cross

St. Peter’s Cross

The cross of St. Peter’s is an inverted Latin cross. It is used to recall the crucifixion of St. Peter who requested to be crucified upside down.

Other Cultural Significance

Papal CrossOnly used by the Pope, this cross features three horizontal bars, all toward the top of the vertical bar. The top is shortest, and the bottom is the longest.
Pectoral CrossTypically only worn by bishops, this cross is about six inches wide and sits at the middle of the chest as opposed to near the collarbone.
Latin/Roman Catholic CrossThe cross is simple, but the vertical bar is longer than the horizontal bar.
Celtic CrossIn addition to the vertical and horizontal bars of the cross, the Celtic cross includes a ring around the intersection of the bars. Although its origins are unclear, it is believed to be associated with regions evangelized by Irish missionaries from the 9th through the 12th centuries, as well as with the Celtic Revival of the 19th century.
Russian Orthodox CrossThe Russian Orthodox cross features two additional horizontal beams. The first and shortest beam represents the signage on the cross. The middle and widest beam represents the beam where Jesus’s hands were nailed to the cross. The lower beam, which is slanted upward and is found at the bottom half of the vertical bar, represents the footrest.
Greek CrossThe vertical and horizontal bars are of equal length
CrucifixThe crucifix depicts an image of Jesus on the cross and is a symbol of nearly all Christian denominations. It is especially common in the Roman Catholic denomination, but is also used in the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, Lutheran, Moravian, and Anglican churches.
Cultural Significance

gold cross jewelry guide collection

Gold chain with cross ranking


Men’s gold cross necklaces are one of the most wanted types of cross necklaces for men. If you’re looking for a personal cross necklace with high quality and timeless tones golden crosses are what you should go for. A gold chain with a cross is among the most popular jewelry seen on men today. Gold as a color is often associated with love, compassion, courage, and wisdom. Furthermore, because of the high value of gold as a precious metal, gold-toned jewelry is also linked to a wealthy life, high-class social status, and enhanced overall quality of life.

Golden cross pendant with a gold chain is often a very personal combination and, subsequently, makes one of the best gifts to give a man. Most Christians all around the world go through the confirmation school around the age of 15. Among the most appreciated confirmation gifts are gold & gold-toned cross necklaces. In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with the combination of a gold cross and a gold chain.

Simple yet interesting, this basic gold-toned Christian cross necklace is the best seller for a reason. If a standard gold cross with a chain is all you need, this is it in a very affordable package. Gold Christian Cross Necklace

Rounded gold cross necklace with chain

This stunning necklace was designed for men with demanding taste. A beautiful rounded gold cross necklace with a fitting rope chain, made of polished high-quality 316L stainless steel. Suits well for formal occasions, as well as for casual ones. Rounded Gold Cross Necklace


Men’s silver cross necklaces and pendants with a chain

Men’s silver cross necklaces are, not only the most neutral in color but, the second most popular cross necklace category at the moment. Silver-toned necklaces have made their mark as a global standard already a few decades ago. Silver is associated with the meanings of elegant, modern, classy, and sophisticated. Silver cross chains are the go-to accessory for many men and they can improve any outfit regardless of the event you are going to.

With a strong connection with religion, crosses represent faith, loyalty, and trust. They can act as the symbol of hope during tough times and the friendly companion during good days. Most men who prefer silver crosses say they never get tired of the neutral tone of silver. If you are new to wearing necklaces, a silver cross pendant with a chain is one of the best ways to start.

Simple silver cross pendant necklace
This simple silver cross pendant has proven its popularity year after year. Its optimal size and solid thickness make it aesthetically one of the best crosses on the market. Simple Silver Cross Necklace

Long silver cross pendant necklace
This one is a bit longer than the average cross. Men who are looking for something more than a regular cross will love this. A polished, high-class look. Long Silver Cross Necklace

    Black cross necklaces with a chain

Men’s black cross necklaces come in as the third most popular category of men’s crosses. A black cross is an excellent option if you are looking for something unique and personal. In jewelry, and in general, black is not a flashy color like gold and silver. It makes a perfect necklace color for people who like to keep to themselves, identify as anti-social, or are not keen to showboat their social status through jewelry.

Out of all colors, black has the strongest symbolical meaning. It symbolizes power, mystery, authority, elegance, and rebellion. You can never go wrong wearing black jewelry.

Black small christian cross necklace with a silver chain
This black cross is a flat design and looks good with everything. It is made of stainless steel and will last better than most crosses on the market. Small Flat Black Christian Cross Necklace

Long black cross necklace with a silver chain

A simple black cross with long design and durable stainless steel material.

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